Dr Mark Elsom-Cook

An independent
software designer,
developer, researcher and
consultant based in the UK

I am a consultant on software design and digital innovation, working with leading edge technologies and changes in organisational practice to deliver new products and services.

With a multi-disiplinary background including Mathematics and Physics (BSc), Psychology (PhD) and Computing (ex-Professor), I contribute strongly to the effectiveness of cross-disciplinary teams.

During more than 30 years working in the software industry I have fulfilled a vast range of roles. I can take a project end-to-end: from initial recognition of an opportunity or issue, through all phases to deployment and evaluation of a solution. This is why I describe myself as a 'Solution Architect' in the true sense - I find solutions to problems.

Key services

  • Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Digital Business Analyst
  • User Researcher
  • Software and Solutions Architect
  • Intellectual Property Advisor
  • Research on new and innovative technologies
  • Technical Author

I work predominantly with large telecommunications companies and UK Government/Public sector projects. This includes extensive expertise with Government Digital Services (GDS) and 'Digital by Default' approaches. I have worked with Agile since before it had a name.

I am continuously updating my skill set and still develop code every day (as well as working at more abstract levels). In the last 10 years the focus has been in mobile and web applications, together with re-purposing and adapting legacy systems for the 21st Century. I work with Open Source software when possible and advocate appropriate use of 'node.js' technologies among other standards-based techniques.


Discover my explanation of Agile at agilemanifesto.help

I direct a company which can offer additional services Learning Technology Services

For more information, or to discuss possible projects and opportunities, please contact info@elsom-cook.com