Dr Mark Elsom-Cook

An independent
software designer,
developer, researcher and
consultant based in the UK

I am a consultant on software design and digital innovation, working with leading edge technologies and changes in organisational practice to deliver new products and services.

With a multi-disiplinary background including Mathematics and Physics (BSc), Psychology (PhD) and Computing (ex-Professor), I contribute strongly to the effectiveness of cross-disciplinary teams.

My core contribution is as an Agile Coach or Digital Transformation Coach. I help individuals, teams and organisations become better at what they do: delivering solutions more effectively and of higher quality.

Being cross-disciplinary, I also regularly fulfil roles as:

  • Project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Business Analyst (technical and process analysis)
  • Product Owner
  • Technical Lead

Expertise in UI/UX, User Research, CI/CD and automated testing are also part of my skill set

During more than 30 years working in the software industry I have fulfilled a vast range of roles. I can take a project end-to-end: from initial recognition of an opportunity or issue, through all phases to deployment and evaluation of a solution. My focus is to look at situations as they are at present, work out where we need to be, then plan and deliver a route to achieve the desired state.

Key to my approach is to make changes incrementally, with minimal disruption to current activities (Business as Usual). This ensures that change is genuine and lasting - owned by people in the business. The changes are based on a combination of analysis, knowledge already existing in the business and my expertise and experience of innovation. This is not a "one size fits all" approach, but is tailored to each situation. Participants understand why the changes are happening and the value they add for individuals, teams, the organisation and the clients.

Key services

  • Agile Coach - mentoring individuals, improving teams and team interaction, working with senior management to devise and deliver strategy
  • Scrum Master - support team progress and improvement - using all appropriate methods (e.g. Lean and Kanban, not just Scrum)
  • Product Owner - developing, prioritising and approving completion of work
  • Digital Business Analyst - understanding requirements for solutions and value added
  • Organisational Business Analyst - finding better ways of working and ensuring they are adopted
  • Technical Lead/architect - supporting design and architectural decision-making
  • Jira/Confluence expert - customising to make them best fit the organisation practice and deliver value
  • Research on new and innovative technologies
  • Technical Author

I work across a broad range of industries, though always with software (and hardware) solutions. Main sectors are: Government/public sector, finance, telecommunications, hospitality industry.

I am continuously updating my skill set and still regularly write code to ensure I can work with the latest technologies and practices. In the last 10 years the focus has been in mobile, cloud and web applications, together with re-purposing and adapting legacy systems for the 21st Century. I work with Open Source software when possible and advocate appropriate use of standards-based techniques.


Discover my explanation of the Agile Manifesto at agilemanifesto.help

Offering remote Agile coaching since 2015: agilecoachonline.com

My company can offer additional services Learning Technology Services

For more information, or to discuss possible projects and opportunities, please contact info@elsom-cook.com